Wedding FILM Germany

Cinematic Wedding Videos - Wedding Film Videographer from Germany

How precious are your memories?

We are a team of German, English, and Polish videographers from the beautiful town of Bamberg,

Germany that are committed to creating the perfect video for your special day.

Our goal is to tell the story of you, your loved ones and your relationships in a natural and elegant way.

Every laugh, every tear, every fist bump and story told is precious and we seek to capture the magic through photography

and video so you can cherish the memories for a lifetime.

Our approach is simple:  we document your special day inconspicuously thereby capturing your precious moments

in a carefree and natural style.  You will not notice our videographer allowing you to simply enjoy yourself.

Every moment is important.  By using multiple camera operators and separate sound recorders we do not to miss a thing.

  We will accompany you throughout the day capturing the best images and video in order to tell your story in a beauty

and graceful manner.  We will document you and your family at the official moments,

without neglecting the details such as the spontaneous reactions as you and loved ones.

During editing, the shots taken are given professional attention.  They are thoroughly analyzed and carefully edited.

  By understanding how to use light, color, and music,

we pleasantly blend your photos and video making your memories come to life.

We are your best wedding photographer in Germany.

Please contact us for an offer.  Video coverage outside Germany are priced individually.

Lucjan Lutzner

Cinematic Wedding Highlights Film